August 28 - 31, 2013 Updated September 08, 2013 TO ALL OF THE ATTENDEES, VENDORS, CLINICIANS, MODULAR GROUPS, VOLUNTEERS AND THOSE WHO GRACIOUSLY OPENED YOUR HOMES FOR VIEWNG SPECTACULAR LAYOUTS. THE CONVENTION WAS A HUGE SUCCESS AND COMMENTS FROM ALL ASPECTS OF THE VENUE WERE POSITIVE AND APPRECIATED.   IT WAS OUR PLEASURE TO KNOW THAT SO MANY OF YOU HAD A GREAT TIME. THE STAFF AND VOLUNTEERS WORKED HARD TO ENSURE THAT THE CONVENTION WAS FUN, INFORMATIVE AND INTERESTING.  EVEN THE WEATHER ....(FOR THIS TIME OF YEAR IN PASADENA)  ALONG WITH MOTHER NATURE COOPERATED WITH LESS SMOG, DRIER AIR AND NO EARTHQUAKES.                                              THE STAFF WISH TO SEND THEIR HEART-FELT THANKS TO ALL OF YOU.                                                          FRED HILL JEFF SMITH                                                          CO-CHAIR CO-CHAIR                                                         JUDY HILL LETTY SMITH                                                         CONVENTION MANAGER           REGISTRAR                                                         LLOYD LEHRER STEVE & JULIE FREDIANI                                                         VENDOR MANAGER           TOUR MANAGERS                                                         CARL HEIMBERGER            BOB CHAPARRO                                                         CLINICIAN MANAGER  LAYOUT MANAGER                                                         BILL BEVERLY            MIKE ALEE                                                         CONTEST MANAGER            VOLUNTEER MANAGER                                                         KEVIN SPADY & DAIN LEESE   RON VARNELL                                                         MODULAR GROUP MANAGERS             SPECIAL EVENTS MANAGER                                                         MARTIN BATISTELLI                                                         LAYOUT BOOK/ TIME TABLE MANAGER                                                         TIM JOHNSON         CHRIS KELLER                                                         WEBSITE MANAGER         IT MANAGER/CONSULTANT Missing from Photo:   Bob Chaparro, Dain Leese and Lloyd Lehrer  Photo Courtesy of:  Mike O'Brien Below are the list of Winners for the 2013 NNGC          CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!                          Best of Show – Geared Loco --------------------------------------------- Bob Poli                                1st - Rod Loco #4 --------------------------------------------------------- Bill Horky                                2nd Rod Loco #88 -------------------------------------------------------- Jeff Taylor                                3rd Rod Loco #143 --------------------------------------------------- John Bouman                                  1st Geared Loco #146 ------------------------------------------------------ Bob Poli                                2nd Geared Loco #160 ------------------------------------------------ Phillip Floyd                                3rd Geared Loco #58 -------------------------------------------------- Victor Smith                         1st Motive Power / Internal Combustion #107 ------------------ Joe Hendrickson                         2nd Motive Power / Internal Combustion #53 ---------------------  Dan Kamikubo                        3rd Motive Power / Internal Combustion #148 -----------------------------  Bob Poli                                1st Caboose #138 ----------------------------------------------------- Pete Watson                                2nd Caboose #23 ---------------------------------------------------- Mick Moignard                                3rd Caboose #9 ---------------------------------------------------------- Dale Angell                                1st Freight Car #8 ------------------------------------------------------- Dale Angell                                2nd Freight Car #161 --------------------------------------------------- Ray Sadler                                3rd Freight Car #30 ---------------------------------------------  Emmett Brannon                                1st Passenger Car #10 ------------------------------------------------- Dale Angell                                2nd Passenger Car #67 ------------------------------------------------- Mike Gray                                1st Logging Rail Equip #147 ---------------------------------------------- Bob Poli                                2nd Logging Rail Equip #121 ----------------------------- Michael Yendrejczyk                                3rd Logging Rail Equip #25 --------------------------------------- Jeffrey Landau                                     1st Special Equipment #151 ----------------------------------- Frank Markovich                                2nd Special Equipment #41 ---------------------------------------- Chris Kerbrat                                3rd Special Equipment #27 ------------------------------------------- Ted Crosby                                1st Maintenance-Of-Way #68 -----------------------------------------  Mike Gray                                2nd Maintenance-Of-Way #144 ----------------------------------- John Bouman                                3rd Maintenance-Of-Way #137 -------------------------------------- Verne Niner                                1st Favorite Train #42 --------------------------------------------------- Chris Stark                                2nd Favorite Train #134 ----------------------------------------------- Verne Niner                                3rd Favorite Train  #22 ------------------------------------------ Charles Morones                                1st Structure #141 ---------------------------------------------------  Kevin Barnett                                2nd Structure #74 ------------------------------------------------- Frank Markovich                                3rd Structure #55 --------------------------------------------------- Chris Brennand                                1st Diorama #159 ------------------------------------------------------ Doug Ramos                                2nd Diorama #39 ------------------------------------------------------ Chris Kerbrat                                3rd Diorama #72 -------------------------------------------------------- Mike Engler                                Youth Award #125 -------------------------------------------------------- Tyler Virga                                Photos                                                                              Winners Name                                1st B&W Model #66 ------------------------------------------------------- Bob Treat                                2nd B&W Model #24 --------------------------------------------- Michael McClure                                3rd B&W Model #129 -------------------------------------------------- Verne Niner                                1st B&W Prototype #64 -------------------------------------------------- Bob Treat                                2nd B&W Prototype #18 ---------------------------------------- Michael McClure                                3rd B&W Prototype #83 -------------------------------------------- David Fritsche                                1st Color Model #17 --------------------------------------------- Michael McClure                                2nd Color Model #130 ------------------------------------------------- Pat Latorres                                3rd Color Model #63 ------------------------------------------------------ Bob Treat                                1st Color Prototype #46 ------------------------------------------------ Chris Stark                                2nd Color Prototype #90 -------------------------------------------- Janice Dupler                                3rd Color Prototype #89 ---------------------------------------------- Barry Dupler Here are links to the contest photo albums: Contest pics Modular pics Thank you to all who entered the model and photo contests, making them a huge success. Here is a link to all of the runners up who certainly deserve recognition for their talents.