Updated August 20, 2013 Contact Us For general questions please contact Fred Hill or Jeff Smith at: questions@33rdnngc.com If you have any questions about modular layouts that will be on display please contact Dain Leese or Kevin Spady at: modular@33rdnngc.com If you have any questions about clinics please contact Carl Heimberger at: clinics@33rdnngc.com If you have any vendor questions please contact Lloyd Lehrer at: vendor@33rdnngc.com If you have any registration questions please contact Judy Hill at: registrar@33rdnngc.com If you have any questions about the contests that will be held please contact Bill Beverly at: contest@33rdnngc.com If you need any information about ads in the convention book or have questions please contact Mike Allee at: ads@33rdnngc.com